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Conduit Management Made Easy

What is uConduit?

uConduit is a patent pending conduit management system designed to dramatically reduce staff time needed to administer a conduit. It automates both the disbursement and approval process as well as manages all aspects of conduit administration - including monthly deposits, account tracking, and creating finance reports instantly. It can even link up to an organization's contribution website to enable web transactions with minimal data entry.

uConduit is unlike any other software available on the market

Why use uConduit?

Don't get penalized as your organization's conduit grows

  • Without uConduit, the more donors, contributions, and disbursements a conduit administrator faces, the more time it takes to manage. uConduit's unique features allow an administrator to focus on growing their conduit - regardless of size - and stop worrying about managing the increase in numbers.

Reduce staff overhead

  • With most conduits, extra staff time is required to manage the conduit just when an organization's political operations are heating up. The arduous process of first assigning donors to a campaign, contacting the donor for approval, creating transmittal letters, then filing a finance report requires precious staff time during an already busy phase of the campaign cycle. uConduit dramatically reduces this overhead by making the entire process automated.

Stay organized and maintain sustainability

  • All data is stored on a secured server with frequent backups- which means if your computer crashes, the conduit isn't left in disarray. Because your data is networked, a conduit may choose to have multiple users with various permission levels to manage or view the account. This also means that staff turnover no longer affects the administration of the conduit- new staff can hit the ground running without lost lists or data.

Easy to use

  • Like all PF Data software and data support, uConduit is very intuitive and easy to use. Staff can spend more time building their conduit and less time managing it.

Simply put, uConduit is exactly what you've been waiting for.

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